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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Why does waterproofing membrane fail from time to time?
    Membrane failure can be a result of poor and/or incorrect application. This is usually due to a lack of industry knowledge. Additionally, failure of membranes can be a result of a tear due to extreme movements within homes. Our team consists of skilled and licenced tradesmen who certify and warrant their work with confidence, ensuring to prevent any possibility of failure to a body of work.
  • What type of waterproof membrane is best to use in my works?
    The type of waterproofing membrane chosen in the process of the renovation depends on what is best suited to the substrate we are applying to. This will be determined on site during the inspection and will be discussed with the client.
  • How much does a bathroom renovation usually cost?
    All bathroom renovations vary in price. Request a free quote today to arrange a site meeting to discuss the process and potential cost of the renovation.
  • How long does a complete and whole bathroom renovation take?
    Bathroom renovations take between 2-3 weeks. However giving an exact time estimation can be difficult. All bathroom renovations are completed within time restraints that best suits our clients.
  • How expensive can floor tiles be?
    The price of floor tiles varies according to size, shape and the type of tiles. Additionally, the price depends on how many square meters are to be laid.
  • How long does it take before I can walk on the tiles?
    24-48 hours is all that is needed before you are able to walk on a laid floor. This is because the glue utilised in the process does not completely dry until over a period of a day.
  • Are wall tiles more expensive than floor tiles?
    The price of tiles is not determined by whether they are laid on floors or walls. This price varies as a result of the quality of the product, the type of material and size of the tile being laid.
  • How do I choose which grout colour would go best with the wall tiles?
    Choosing grout colours for your wall tiles can be difficult. Usually we aim at applying a similar grout colour to that of the tile. However, in a lot of cases, our clients wish to use contrasting colours, to bring the features of the tile to life.
  • What other real estate and strata works have you completed in the past?
    We have previously done work involving waterproofing and tiling of balcony’s, roof tops and bathrooms. In addition to this, our work has involved repairing multiple broken and chipped tiles to common areas and homes.
  • If I’m a tenant or land lord receiving a renovation on my property, is there something I should be aware of?
    Yes there is. It is your responsibility to provide strata with notice that you’d like to commence work on your property, prior to the commencement of any works. Residing land lords and tenants should be notified of works to be completed, as well as the duration of the works.
  • Why have some of the tiles in my home cracked?
    There can be a number of reasons as to why this is. The most common reason is because movement has taken place within the home. The force of movement to an independent body of tiles could force tiles to split, lift and crack if there is no room for movement.
  • What if my repair involves a large amount of work?
    A repair is not always to a small job. Repairs can range in size and type and irrespective of how big the repair is, Drip Drop Stop assures that any repair we encounter no matter how big or small, can be completed.
  • Is there an average price you can give me for a commercial/government project?
    No there is not, as all prices vary due to certain factors. For example, the size of the area needing to be waterproofed and the manual labour involved. Request a free quote today and we will give a price that will suit your expectations.
  • What is the process of getting a project up and running?
    Call or email Drip Drop Stop to organise a free quote. If our quotation is satisfactory and within your budget, we will organise a date and estimated timeline for the completion of the project. All information will be discussed with the business owner before and during the production of the project.
  • Does your service extend outside of the Sydney Area?
    Yes. In previous years, we participated in jobs outside of NSW. These jobs included work within Melbourne and Queensland. Call or email us for further enquiries so we can discuss any questions you may have regarding working out of state and out of Sydney.
  • How many coats of waterproof are applied during the process?
    2-3 coats of waterproofing are applied to ensure there is no failure in the membrane application. However, additional coats can be applied at the request of the owner.
  • What is the time estimation for the curing of a waterproofing membrane?
    The estimated time for the curing of waterproofing varies due to factors such as the size of the project, type of material being used and weather conditions.
  • What happens if my bathroom is to big or to small to renovate?
    We certify that any renovation project we undertake can be completed irrespective of size.
  • Do I have to organise all other tradesmen for my bathroom renovation?
    We provide a fully licensed, and fully equipped team of tradesmen that specialise in bathroom renovations. The organisation of all tradesmen is already taken care of.
  • How do I know which floor tiles to choose?
    Choosing floor tiles can be challenging, that’s why we are here to provide ideas and options we believe will make the job a masterpiece. In external areas for example, floor tiles are to be slip-resistant to prevent injury. When it comes to choosing and buying your floor tiles and which suppliers to choose from, ask us for advice.
  • Is it possible to tile on top of existing wall tiles?
    Yes it is possible. However a primer must be applied on top of the existing wall tiles to create a key for the new tiles to bond to. Preparation and types of primers vary in regards to the substrates the primer is adhering to.
  • What wall tiles should I choose for my bathroom?
    The tiles chosen for your bathroom should reflect your desired look. If you are struggling bringing forth an idea, let us offer assistance on what we believe would look best for your bathroom.
  • Will you still do the job even if it’s a small house hold repair to a rental?
    Yes we will irrespective of the size or type of the repair. Our goal is to achieve customer satisfaction in all aspects of our work.
  • As a real estate or strata agency, how could I get in contact with you regarding a job?
    It’s simple. Get in touch by contacting us via email or by phone. Our contact number and email address are found on our home page.
  • How much does it cost for a house hold repair?
    The cost of repairs is determined by what the service involves. Prices varies according to the type of repair being completed.
  • What steps are taken when it comes to re-grouting?
    Firstly, all existing grout within joints are cut out and cleaned using a multi-purpose tool. Once this step is complete, the grout is mixed using a liquid grout enhancer. The grout is then inserted into the joints using a squidgy and washed off twice with clean water ready for hand over.
  • What other commercial jobs have you completed?
    Over time, Drip Drop Stop has completed jobs involving tiling of various public toilets, gymnasiums and retail fit outs to name a few.
  • How long does it take to complete commercial/government projects?
    An estimated time cannot be given. The completion of the project is determined by the employer. We affirm that all waterproofing is completed within time restraints set by the employer as stated in the contract.
  • Is Drip Drop Stop a fully licensed and insured business?
    Yes, we are a fully licensed and insured business serving the Sydney area both commercial and private. We hold current industry credentials including up to date knowledge and safety within the waterproofing trade.

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